Grind storming

„Semeleme co se dá (Grind-storming)” is an unformal education project for 10 days (not including the journey). 21 young people from 3 countries (Egypt, France and Czech Republic) will meet in the capital city of the Czech Republic - Prague (our building isn´t in the Old Town, but is situated on one of the main subway lines, just 15min from the city center), will pass through many workshops and seminars and will work together on a theatre perfomance and make everything connected together - music, dance, songs, acrobacy, juggling, scene, posters, lights, production.

10th day it will be finished with parade around the place (Prague 5/13) and performance of the piece outside in the park or in KD Mlejn (depence on weather).

There will be three „national evenings“ (open to the public) which will be devoted to every country and the group will introduce a bit of its culture, history, traditions, religion, present conditions (anything they will see important) and teach others some basic words or sentences needed for the expected future visit.
Young lecturers of acting, music, art, dance, acrobacy etc. will be available and they will lead the group through their own ideas and will give advices as the older and more experienced, using unformal methods of learning and active cooperation and improvisation.

The project should start by the preparation meeting (APV) in Czech republic in days 25.-27. May 2012.  The activity is planed to start on 1st July. All partners agreed on these dates.



VIDEO 1 - Exchange

VIDEO 2 - Final performance

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Grind Storming 2012